The 6-step Formula To Maximize Your True Potential And Unleash The Healthy High Performer Inside You!

This program will kickstart your professional and personal life - your next level

Your Vision

Discover what’s your true purpose in life, what’s the answer to your very personal Why-Question and how to create a vision your brain will execute 100%. Get clear on where you want to go and find the perfect motivation to get you there!

Your Environment

Shape the space, people and habits surrounding you in a way that they serve you, allow you to thrive and make it inevitable to transform yourself to the next level. Build trust for your authentic power of influence.

Your Agility

Understand the key skills and simple tools to stay in control no matter how uncertain or complex a situation may seem. Get comfortable with the agile-way-of-working and experience leading in the digital transformation.

Your Energy

Create your personal daily schedule for more focus and less stress based on pure scientific findings from chronobiology, resilience, power foods and positive psychology - fully energized is your new normal!


This program is customised for ambitious leaders, entrepreneurs and management professionals who are feeling strung-out and let down to ultimately shift gears and start their DREAM CAREER!

You are absolutely ready to achieve your biggest goals and create this personal and professional dream life that you desire so much!

You can feel it, you can envision it, you can almost smell and taste it .... but you just can’t make it happen! Even worse: you have no clue how to seriously get there, step by step!

I'm sure there is a lot of great achievements you can be proud of in your career and success stories in your personal life.

But in these quiet moments you know there is more, more that you want and you know deep down in your heart that you can definitely achieve more. Yes, you want to get to your dream life and you are ready to walk that extra mile because you deserve it!

Sounds like you? - But you can’t figure out which actions to take, which mindset to create, which strategy to apply or which technique to use?

Bottom line: No more struggling and wasting time and energy! It’s now time to become the best YOU, the next level YOU, an amazing  experience is right in front of YOU!

It’s no magic, just the most powerful techniques used by very successful entrepreneurs, leaders and c-level executives on a daily basis. It's their unique gameplan that allows for their  extraordinary progress, moving forward faster than the rest of their peers, being more productive and super effective, simply thriving.

It's like their "secret sauce" and now it's your time to get the recipe! 

Are you ready to see how all this comes together in one simple, powerful and proven formula?


With more than 15 years experience in the corporate world of fortune500 organizations, I have had 3 CEO and Co-Founder roles and several executive positions before my 36th birthday. Being Europe's only female, millenial Forbes® Coach, I serve as university professor for innovation and leadership development since the age of 29.

Based on a Business Master and a Coaching Psychology Master Degree, I have the pleasure to coach C-levels and professionals from all industries and functions – energy, banking, retail, medical professionals, marketing, CFOs, HR Leads -  to transform their career and personal life big times.

Having worked and lived in more than 10 countries – US, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Spain – and being a passionate mumpreneur and yogini myself, makes me super authentic according to my clients around the world.

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I care for you, yes for your personally!

I will be working with you 1on1 and you will get my personal full passion and dedication, together with my team we won’t let you fail!

We will jointly take actions, follow a clear process step-by-step to finally see you reach your next level!

When the two of us work together, we have an academically proven “secret sauce” that will guide us. No guessing but a proven gameplan to work your way towards your vision!

You will be amazed at the progress you can make day by day, week by week, how deeply satisfying it feels when you are working towards your real passion, seeing results kicking in, with energy and productivity levels you have not experienced in your life before.

YEAHHH, that just feels good!

How does it look like in detail:

  • Over the course of 7 weeks we will jointly explore the 6 key elements needed for healthy high
    performance: Vision, Environment, Productivity, Agility, Collaboration, Energy.
  • Every week you have access to short learning nuggets and worksheets that are designed to fit your busy lifestyle yet still catering to your needs for understanding the background of what we work on in our 1on1 sessions.
  • In our weekly 1on1 coaching sessions we work intensively on the different elements of healthy
    high performance, including clearly structured exercises - impact guaranteed 
  • Our weekly sessions will be 1 hour and each session builds on the previous ones.
  • In between sessions you get direct access to my personal mailbox in case you need additional tools or if
    there is a question left – I promise, I care for you!

You are not doing the exercises all by yourself with nobody to talk to but I am here, working through every single one together with you. I know the importance of having a sparring partner – like all successful leaders have – with whom you can explore ideas, discuss  challenges and celebrate the wins!

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Personalized - Unique - Transforming

Module 1 - Vision 

discover what’s your true purpose in life, what’s the answer to your very personal Why-Question and how to create a vision that works perfectly for your brain. It’s all about being clear where you want to go and finding more than enough motivation to get there.

Module 2 - Environment

shape your environment including space, people, habits and any other surroundings in a way that it serves you, allows you to thrive and makes it inevitable to transform to your next level.

Module 3 - Productivity

become crystal clear about the priorities in your life, which topics and tasks are first thing and how to make sure you are working on your big moves with a laser-sharp focus, avoiding distraction on a daily, weekly and monthly level.

Module 4 - Agility

understand the key skills and tools to use, so you stay in control no matter how uncertain or complex a situation may seem, you are ready to handle the agile way of working and you are comfortable with business models thinking – a key element in the fast-paced digital transformation.

Module 5 - Collaboration

find out the most promising style for leading in the digital age, how to build trust so you have an authentic power to influence others and which small steps to take on a daily basis that people not just like you but are willing to walk the extra mile for you.

Module 6 - Energy

create a simple plan how to build the scientific findings from chronobiology, resilience, power foods and positive psychology into your daily schedule, so your mornings are focused and less stressful, your body feels energised throughout the day and you are ready to perform, with your mind getting the  right dose of tension and relaxation for best results.


This Passion-2-Profession Program is different from many other premium coaching programs you might
have seen or experienced because:

  • No endless videos or audios but 1on1 personal interaction in every step of your transformation journey
  • No unclear results but a jointly developed objective of your next level life - with more clarity, passion, presence and results.
  • No wishful-thinking but following a clear 6-step-formula, a results-oriented curriculum with step-by-step guidance
  • No client-driven-approach where you as client hope to ask the right questions. This is a process- and outcome-driven approach based on activities that have worked for high performers over and over again.
  • No first-time-used tools but proven concepts and techniques that normally just 5-figure-coaching clients get access to


  • FREE copy of the book "The NOWING Formula"

  • FREE customizable 24-hour-Healthy High-Performer-Schedule 

  • One-week Online Learning Program "MyPersonalPower Week" 

  • 50% OFF "Healthy High Performer Tribe" - the most exclusive retreat in the Austrian Alps 2020 where 10 (!!!) handpicked healthy high performers meet in person to kick-off the most powerful Mastermind of their life! ($ 10.000,- value)


The 6-step Formula To Maximize Your True Potential And Unleash The Healthy High Performer Inside You!

This offer is for a limited time only, so confirm your spot before it's taken! 

  • 7 weeks of 1on1 Premium Coaching Program "Passion-2-Profession"
  • Bonus material worth more than $ 10.000,-
  • Access to my personal chat-tool in case of questions during the 1:1-sessions – yes I care!
  • Lifetime access to all worksheets and techniques used in the Passion-2-Profession Program
  • Your reserved seat for the "Healthy High Performance Tribe 2020"








No Risk Guarantee: If you feel the course is not right for you, we’ll refund your tuition up to 30 days from the date you purchased the course if you have completed all your exercises, worksheets and showed up to your 1:1 coaching sessions. Questions? email

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